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[MOD POST] Adoption

Hey guys, long time no post I know.
It took me forever to finaly decide to write this one actually. It's one of those classic 'it's not you it's me' community posts. It's not the lack of time or media, really I did love uploading things, but my mp3 and video hard drives have been uninstalled for around 4 months now. I'm now surviving on 400 songs as opposed to 2,000 I have on the other drive x_x;

As it stands now I think someone else can do the community more justice. Post more, get the other members involved and the like. So pretty much I'm looking for someone to adopt vulgar_display and re-vamp it. I'll still be around and posting things to lucky_117.

So just comment if you would like to adopt the community. I'd like it if you could give me a link to another com you own just so I can see how that's doing and make sure my baby will be in good hands ♥
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Mod Post

Changes, changes. There won’t be a weekly rotation anymore. It’ll now be by request/upload basis. Doesn’t seem much different from what it is now but there’s more freedom for me. I’ll repost my play lists and people will request what they want from it. It’ll give me a day or two to upload without the extra work of a structured rotation.

I love making people happy by uploading things. I just don’t have the interest or drive to take the time to pick out and upload things I think people will like. Hopefully this will be easier and more beneficial for all.

There will hopefully be a link to the request entry on every upload post.
Request here
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